The players first encountered this seemingly innocuous skeleton in the top most chamber of the Temple they had been sent to excavate. They found it crushed beneath a dislodged pillar, some large pieces remained but largely the skeleton was slivers and dust. Not much could be said about the skeleton at the time, and their initial reaction was to gather the bones and place them within a container they would call an urn. The container itself was not actually an urn, it was much too large, but it served the same purpose.

This container was brought out of the temple and placed within the Carriage for safe keeping, and there it stayed until things changed.

As of the Feb 20 session, the urn was found missing from the Carriage after he was ambushed on one of his many trips to Blood Crescent for supplies. Later when the party passed through the ambush spot, they found a campsite not far from the ambush spot.

Given clues at the time, rolls were made to determine what the party might be dealing with. Currently they believe it is a Lich.


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