As the party was traveling back to Blood Crescent following their losses at the Temple, scouts found a campsite that had been waylaid not far from the road where just days before Carriage had been ambushed. Bodies at the campsite were confirmed by Carriage to have been the bandits who had attempted to attack him. Furthermore the clothes and markings found on the bodies confirmed them to be barbarians from the same tribe that had attacked the party earlier.

There was a central fire pit, around which were placed three sleeping mats. On one mat lay the remains of a barbarian who’s throat had been ripped out, presumably while he slept. The other two bodies had apparently woke to the attack and attempted to fight. The second body also had his throat ripped out, but he was laying away from the mat that he was presumably sleeping on. The third body was found away from “his” mat, and unlike the first two he showed obvious signs of combat.

There was a stake placed in the ground nearby, such stakes are often used to tie down horses, and after some searching three horses were found wandering far from camp. The scouts picked these horses up, the party was more concerned with immediate matters. There were also three packs of equipment placed nearby containing water and other useful supplies for desert travel.

A fourth body was found on the far side of a dune, this one still moving. It was killed in a manor similar to the other three within the camp, and raised as a zombie shortly after. Unlike the three in camp, this one was unclothed, only tattoos and similar complexion showed him to be a companion of the three in camp. Injuries found on the corpse made it seem as if this was what had attacked the camp. Tracks following its progression made it appear as if to attack the camp was its last order. The zombie had apparently wandered in circles, yet pulled toward a direction that, given the overland terrain, might eventually take it in the direction of the Barbarians the party had recently encountered.

Assuming the Zombie was recently a 4th member of the bandits found here, questions arise as to where its cloths, where its pack, and where its horse might be. Current theory involves a skeleton being the cause of these bandits misfortune.


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