The Traitorous Journal

July 17th 2010

During their trip home, Aegon and Sin were able to study the journal in their attempts to decipher the second location spell. Having regained the original journal, it also allowed them time to study the book itself.

Arriving in Sharn, the group was met by various diplomats and representatives. These representatives offered their thanks for deeds achieved while aboard the Golden Dragon. This bit leads back to the published adventure we ran in transit. It did however give me a chance to throw a party in the characters honor.

Having translated the second spell, and spent their hard earned reward, the party was now ready to set out seeking components necessary for the ritual. In this one, they would need the central eye of a beholder.

Hitting the underground, Brun and Cin sought out rumors of beholders that might be found. Rumors indicated that the best places to look would be the Demon Wastes, or in the mountains in The Mror Holds. Determining the The Mror Holds to be closer, the party set out.


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