Xen'Drik Ziggurat

Having already been ambushed by a shifter scout, the team was partially split. Gen and the ranger had given chase only to be led directly to the Ruins. As the Scout breached the clearing, it let out a loud whistle, no doubt to signal others nearby. Gen and the ranger allowed it to pass out of their sight. Gen used his druidic wildshape to become a bird and took wing while the ranger held back for the others as they approached on the path.

With the party together again, they circled the Ziggurat central the ruins, hoping to find where the scout had run off. On the far side of the Ziggurat they found stairs leading up to an entrance in the side. The steps were large, most likely to accommodate giants in ages past, but leading up the center was a smaller series of steps more accustomed to human legs and likely the elven slaves that the giants once kept.

As the team approached the bottom of the steps, a dwarf stepped out of the shadows from within the Ziggurat, and motioned quite clearly for them to approach while hefting his shield and axe.

Brun, having climbed up the side of the Ziggurat, was able to place himself above the entrance where the dwarf stood. Acting first, he dropped down behind the dwarf and stabbed. The ranger released an arrow or two, then the dwarf retreated back into the Ziggurate swinging wildly for Brun who had already gone invisible. This also placed him out of sight of those outside. The ranger charged in to attack the dwarf, only to meet the shifter scout who they had already encountered. Brun took advantage and attacked the scout as it passed nearby which dropped his invisibility, and leaving him open to attack from the dwarf. Further into the Ziggurat and around another corner, out stepped a half fiend warlock who fired its blast at the ranger.

With battle fully met, Aegon stepped up and muttered a word of power, randomly teleporting the dwarf and scout outside, and the warlock out of sight. Gen, still flying above, took advantage of the now visible targets and attacked the scout who somehow managed to avoid the worst of the blast Still the scout apparently decided he no longer wanted to be here and took off at full speed for the surrounding forest quickly lost from view of everyone. The dwarf was not so quick to surrender, with the squishies in reach he engaged them sword and shield. To his misfortune however, Aegon was able to summon a stalagmite piercing the dwarf from below. Held so in place, the dwarf did not last long as the others focused fire.

That left the warlock, who was probably still inside. As the team made their way cautiously inside, the warlock once again steps out from around the corner to attack the party. Shots were fired, and the Warlock was looking in poor shape. As he cast another spell he dropped his book before being pounced upon by Gen who now took the form of a Raptor. Gen only managed to shred an illusion however, the Warlock having ported away.

All was not lost however, as Aegon inspected the dropped book, he would discover that it was The Traitorous Journal that had been stolen from them in The Demon Wastes.

Rounding the corner from which the Warlock repeated his attack, the team found a small campsite. By all apearances it had only recently been set, the fire freshly lit and a small stack of kindling nearby. Taking quick count, there are four sleeping mats to be found.

And this would be where the adventure let off.

Xen'Drik Ziggurat

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