At some point during The A-Teams travel from one abandoned temple in Xen’Drik to another they encounter a few rivers in need of crossing. One river happens to find a spot that is only 25’ wide and capable of being crossed without too much trouble. The resident arcane caster had supported the group by summoning ethereal mounts who could swim the distance.

It was however, a good spot to be ambushed by Lizardmen Barbarians. Their natural hide allowed them to go mostly undetected, though the teams scout types were wary of the area. Brun crossed first, followed by Cin. Gen and the ranger approached the shore closer to where they were disturbed. With Cin accross, Aegon started crossing. Two of the lizardmen furthest away from where they were crossing splashed the water attracting the attentions of the scouts, while those lizardmen closest to Aegon charged while swimming. Grabbing Aegon, one pulled him off his mount and dragged him underwater.

The three lizardmen who had purposely attracted attention charged out of the water attacking both Gen and the ranger, while Brun and Cin from across the way attacked the one lizardman not already engaged with Aegon. Aegon tried desperately not to drown.

Brun and Cin made short work of the lone lizardman, allowing them to come to the aid of Aegon who was having difficulty breaking the barbarians hold. Given the additional attention however, he released Aegon and kicked away downstream. This one barbarian was the most resilient and the last to fall given the defeat of his friends at the hands of Gen and the ranger.

The A-Team did not remain in the area and would spend the next few travel days nursing their wounds.


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