The Acquisition Team

We are

The Aquisitions Team.

Lost Something?

Need Something Found?

Need Someone Found?

Skills that rival those of the Great Houses, much more reasonable rates, and a record of keeping expenses below budget!

Need it broken? We have Stump the Warforged! He has survived the battle of Darak Modr, a carver stampede, and crawled out from under twenty tons of rubble! When it comes to dealing out death and destruction, Stumpy is your construct!
Need it fixed? Come talk to Edain! An actual scion of House Cannith, he’s forgotten more about how things are put together then most anyone else has ever known! Handy with a bow or stitching up his comrades, both living and constructed, he keeps us upbeat with his musical stylings, and keeps time for his constructions with them as well!
Straight out of Talenta, not even civilized enough to get off his dinosaur, Brun is a sharp shadow on the plains. You might think that you could take him in a fair fight, but this is one halfling who has never been bothered making sure that he fights fair! If you need it sliced, diced, infiltraited or retrieved, this is one big talent in a little package!
We managed to get Aegon on interlibrary loan fresh from Zilargo! What he doesn’t know about ancient ruins, unseen enemies, terrors from the deep, or ancient Apocoli hasn’t been known since the giant empire ruled Xen’drik. If you need to figure out what an ancient artifact is, or what unknown horror guards it, ask him. And get comfy, that explanation will take a while.
She’s got the boom-kaboom coming off her fingertips! No-one has ever seen Cin’s real face, or those who have have never lived to tell the tale! If you have piles of problems, she’ll turn them into piles of ash!
Someone needs to keep this rowdy bunch from breaking a chunk off Korvhaire, or restarting the war. With his silver toungue, dashing good looks, and devestating right cross, Whystlir is who you’re looking for to get your gear borders if you ‘forgot’ to get licencing for it, to keep guards from looking too closely at your bags coming back from digs, or just keeping barbarian tribes from eating your valuable researchers.

For references, or to inquire about rates for one or more of the A-Team, contact: Kordinal, who can be found care of Golden Forge Inn, Third tower of Deneith level 68, Sharn Group discounts! All Jobs Considered!

The Acquisition Team

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