When I started the game I originally called the structure a Ziggurat and referenced a picture I found in one of the Eberron Adventure books. I did not at the time realize that a Ziggurat was a specific structure and that what I described and referenced did not fit that title. The following is one of my players responses:

Ok, this terminology is bugging me.

So, I’ve gone and done some googling. Leads me to call this thing a polylithic ovoid obelisk. As far as I can tell, nobody has EVER built anything like this on earth, except for a guy named Andy Goldsworthy, who built small (2-3m), non hollow ones. A ziggurat is a step pyramid. They do exist in Ebberon, they’re the more common architectural style of the Xen’drik giant culture.

They can’t be megaliths because it’s not made of large unworked stones, nor is it a true obelisk, because it doesn’t have squared off corners. It’s not a monolithic structure, because it’s got a bunch of different stones in it. However, Polylithic (Many-Stone) Ovoid (eggshaped) Obelisk (A specific structure type that is tall, narrower at the top then the base,) has the unfortunate acronym of poo. We could change obliesk out for stelae (singular stele) which isn’t uncommon, except that no example of a stele is hollow, and they’re typically markers, not structures. Also, this gives us the acronym of pos, which is just as bad. So, we need a new name for them. I’m thinking ovalith, (egg-stone) the problem being that, when we talk about a big one, adding mega means that it doesn’t work well (megaovalith? We’re not used to putting a and o sounds next to each other in english, so it becomes an awkward sound. So, we use the alternate poly for many, or much, to get polyovalith. What do you guys think?

Until I find a better term to use I’ll adopt this one.

The structure is an estimated former 100’ tall. As the majority of it currently rests on its side, it now sits between 60’ and 70’ tall.

As described the upper portion resembled a four sided diamond, upside down so that the spire would be the tall part of said diamond. The cap then rested atop the base of the structure such that a stairwell from the base lead up into the diamond. A single pillar of magically strengthened stone acted as the support around which the stairwell circled. At the widest point of the diamond the stairway opens into a hallway. The stairwell itself continues up into the structure.

The hallway extends north and east (formerly) and at either end opens into a large room at opposite sides. These rooms are about 8’ tall, extend the length of the ovalith given some feet on either side for the structure as a whole. Inside either room was once row upon row of pews all directed toward a stage that set at opposite ends of either room. Symbols and decorations show that one room was meant for the worship of Obad-Hai, the other Ehlonna.

Further up the stairwell another short hallway lead off from the stairwell directly to a large open room. On the floor (formerly) of the room was inscribed a large pattern that is currently believed to be the foot work for a kata, or various kata. Around the room were found secret cubbies within which were sheathed scimitars of master quality. These scimitars had long since rusted away to uselessness, but they remain intact enough for inspection.

The next landing in the stairwell opened into another hallway, like the last it was very short and opened directly into a meditation chamber. Former carpeting was found along the far wall where it had fallen. The carpeting was in very poor shape, but with some magical help it would be extracted and studied. Beneath the carpeting was found a fountain carved into a wall, below it a bowl that was no doubt meant to catch the water. No piping was found, currently it is assumed that the water was magically summoned.

The upper most room was a summoning chamber. At level (now) corners to the room secret chambers were found, small stairwells that led to spartan bed chambers above the summoning chamber. A skeleton was found underneath debris within the summoning chamber, it had been crushed while alive by a stone pillar that now rested upon the skeleton. The weight of the pillar had long since shattered many of the bones, the skeleton now rests almost completely within a jar not much larger than an urn. Within one of the sleeping chambers was found a leather bound and extremely frail book. Currently Aegon and the Professor are working to copy the book so as to preserve whatever knowledge it might contain.


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