Chapter I: Introductions

The opening scene finds our Heroes at Morgrave University taking part in a grand Gala on behalf of Lord Avlamin. The purpose of this Gala was to introduce the expedition team that would be sent out to explore a recently discovered stone that protruded from a rather large dune out in the Demon Wastes. The stone was obviously worked, and immediate investigation by scouts from Blood Crescent reported a large structure and buried settlement.

Heading the expedition would be Professor Irieaga Littleknight, an accomplished scholar and recognized expert on the Pre-Human Khorvaire.

Accompanying the team would be Carriage as representative of The Wayfinder Foundation. He will act as road manager and procurement officer. Carriage is known in particular for the carriage that would come with him, a modified wagon in which a permanent Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion and unknown other secreted dimentional holes within which a great deal of items can be stored and transported.

Protecting and taking part in the Expedition would be The Acquisition Team who was hired on recommendation from The Wayfinder Foundation.

This was the character building phase of the game, I actually started before they had characters. That way I could introduce what I was looking for without forcing upon them premade characters. It also offered an excuse to start the characters at 3rd level, and encouraged them to build a backstory that included each other.

After the Party, the expedition was taken aside by Lord Avlamin. From there plans were finalized, payment terms settled, and airship tickets passed out.

Given an uspecified amount of time with which to purchase any remaining equipment the team eventually meet up at the airship boarding platform. This allowed for travel time and further encounters/potential intrigue. The airship would take the party to Zarash’ak where they would meet up with representatives of House Tharashk. There they would hire porters, finalize any equipment, and travel north to Blood Crescent on the north shore of Crescent Bay.

The expedition would leave Blood Crescent, accompanied by scouts who would lead them to the dune. From there they would excavate whatever they could find. Time taken was unsure, Carriage would run mail and food between the site and Blood Crescent, also providing for equipment that might be needed at a later date.

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