first ritual

The first ritual detailed would find the handle of the scimitar prison. It requires a number of symbols drawn upon the ground, each symbol accompanied or drawn using special components. These symbols and components are very druidic in nature, herbs, minerals, branches, things that in the “modern” world of Eberron are not common. However among the druidic races they are regularly sold in medicine and herbal remedy shops. Their rarity and pagan value helps to raise the prices. These symbols are connected by a great circle, in the center of which is placed the hand of a Bodak holding a bowl containing water, within which floats a Bodak eye.

At each smaller symbol a participant in the ritual stands and chants. The ritual is guided by a rite master who stands east of the bowl and facing the bowl. Appropriate skills checks from each participant can be used to aid the rite master who performs their own spellcraft check.

The ritual actually performs two functions. The first is a locate device mechanic that would allow the rite master to know the location of the handle. This mechanic becomes semi permanent after the ritual is performed. At any time it can be ended, however depending on the rolls performed it may randomly end at any time. If the item is found and held in hand, the effect ends. This locate device is not perfect, think of it more like a metal detector. The rite master knows where the item is in location to themselves, they can at any time point directly at the handle no matter the distance. However, it doesn’t give a sense for the distance, nor can the rite master point on a map where the item is.

The second function of the ritual performs something more along the lines of an object read. This second function is used to help the rite master know where the item is by virtue of having seen how the item came to be there. Within moments the rite master will have seen from the items point of view, its ‘life’ from the moment of creation to where it rests at present. Alternately, if the rite master has held the handle, the ‘life’ revealed will begin from the last time the rite master held the item. As an advantage, this also allows the rite master to get an understanding of what the item is capable of.

Having gathered the materials and guiding the other party members in performing the ritual, Cin passes out from shock having viewed almost an eon of time from the perspective of the handle. She spends the next week unconscious as her mind filters the information and allows her to understand it. The party, unsure what has happened, guards her body and refuses to move it. Aegon remains confident that at some point she will regain consciousness, pretty sure of whats going on, but unable to be sure.

Within Cin’s mind, she sees the history of the handle. The moment of its creation as a part of the prison, its presence as the Druids craft a summoning circle within the very temple Cin’s friends would later excavate. Through this, Cin is able to see first hand the Druid who wrote the journal, an ancient Orc with ash white hair and a long beard.

The druids summon the demon the prison is meant to contain, but something goes terribly wrong. The demon is summoned successfully, and arrives, but the energies involved explode within the summoning chambers. The ancient Orc is injured in the blast, but the other druids are able to gather their wits. Without the prison they would be unable to defeat the demon, but the demon is unprepared for the prison they have crafted. Ignoring the seemingly unimportant scimitar the demon allows the blade to get through its defenses. A single touch is all thats required and the demons essence is ripped from his physical form.

The blast however devastated the temple, and the ancient orc is unable to leave. Having imprisoned the demon the acolytes disassemble the prison, each taking a piece and departing the temple separately. One heads north, one south, the handle bearer heads east. The temple is located within a town, and the blast has not gone unnoticed. Even as the acolytes leave the temple they can see the town’s people gathering their things and leaving. At the base of the temple a corruption is glanced and Cin is left with the feeling that this corruption might be the reason for the demon wastes as they now are today.

Now the handle itself is little more than a leather thong that wraps around the base of the blade. Having been separated from the blade this leather thong does not need to remain formed as it is. Taking advantage of this, the druid wraps the thong around his lower arm, allowing it to remain with him even as he changes shape.

Between using animal forms to fight or flee, Cin witnesses as the Druid slowly becomes corrupted by the handle. While his deeds become heroic by other druid measures, his own soul shows signs of having been infected by even the fractured demon soul. He gains incredible strength, his spit in any form becomes caustic and the victims of his bites get horrible burns.

Eventually however he falls in combat and another druid who had become an acolyte to the handle bearer takes the leather thong for his own. The original bearer remained true to his vows and never revealed the secrets of the thong to anyone. So this new acolyte doesn’t think much of the thong beyond knowing that the fallen druid was never found without it. The acolyte now wearing the thong becomes similarly corrupted, and similarly made a hero in the demon wars. A new druid order forms as the master of the order passes the thong on from druid to druid throughout the wars. Each druid gaining demonic strength and an acidic bite.

Over many generations this order fights in the demon wars, but eventually the wars come to an end. The thong and order remain, but where once they were demon fighters without peer, after the wars they become the bearers of this leather band. But while the corruption of the band intensified through combat, without war the druids experience a time of peace. The item stops corrupting the druids for a time, and given even a few generations the order falls by the wayside as a warrior order, and the power of the band is forgotten. Eventually it becomes simple tradition for an elder druid to pass on this leather thong to his acolytes.

However, despite the corruption of battle, Cin notices something new. Where the druids before would die in battle, even granted the advantages they were, they never lived even a full life. During this time of peace, the orcs are able to live full lives for the first time in the memory of the handle. But while other Orcs get old and die, leading lives about as long as humans, the bearer of the arm band lives twice as long. However, this extended lifespan is in no way protected from the ravages of age, they become old and brittle, almost unable to die. And despite their belief in a natural life cycle, the ancient bearers find a new corruption not allowing anyone to take from them the arm band for fear that without it they will die. Old and feeble as they are, they still become violent towards any who they suspect are trying to take the arm band.

Now when men first came to Khorvaire, culture clashes led to fights between the human races and the druidic races. Once again the bearer of the leather thong becomes known for his heroic deeds and battle prowess. This however attracts the notice of the other races, and eventually it is a dwarven military company that ambushes the druid and kills them. The dwarves, familiar with the arm band take it for their king.

This leads into the time of Galifar, and the peace that exists before the last thousand years of war. The dwarves give up their king in order to be apart of the Galifar kingdom, but their royal line never quite gives up the arm band. Now Dwarves lead exceptionally long lives by human standards, so it doesn’t become noticeable at first the lifespan of the dwarf wearing the arm band. But eventually whispers reach the dwarfs ears about how old he is and paranoia and corruption takes root in his soul that these others are jealous of his armband. By his order he is buried with the armband, and it becomes lost for centuries.

Most recently a descendant of the old Dwarf learns from some books of the power of this armband. Despite the wishes of his long dead ancestor, his practicality takes over and he digs up the body and claims the armband for himself. The old dwarf is dead and doesn’t need the armband. This descendant is an adventurer, and despite the war he is curious to help establish Stormreach and lead expeditions into the dark continent.

This dwarf was lost during his last expedition, already he had gained a reputation for his strength. Through the ritual Cin witnesses as the Dwarfs expedition is set upon by a tribe of giants. These giants, having no use for the puny equipment, eats their victims, and the armband currently rests within a newly established leaders stomach.

first ritual

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