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Whistlyr's Journal,

Sar 14, Eyre 998YK

Well, that was an obnoxious party. It always happens, the research burecrats need to pat themselves on the back for how brave they are to send us out on an expedition, and the people putting up the dosh need to feel superior to those who aren’t. At least this time there was a good vintage poured, shame I wasted so much of it on plantlife. This is our first gig since getting back together as a private concern, and I’m sure that there are going to be some kinks to iron out. I’m still not sure that I’m cut out for civilian life, but we must as we do. We’re heading out to the Demon Wastes this time, fortunatly nowhere NEAR The Labrinth (I don’t think anyone wants a repeat of Stumpy and Ghaash’kala going at each other), to help a gnome, one Irieaga Littleknight, from The Library of Korranberg. Evidently, someone found a huge chunk of rock sticking out of a sand dune, and there’s enough evidence that it’s not naturally occuring that someone wants to look at it. Once we get out there, we’ll do our thing, protecting the archeologist and helping out with what we know, setting up, digging slowly, etc. Should be fun, actually, and Cin is here, so I can pass changling blame off on her! (Cin, when you read this, I’m just kidding. And please don’t lose my place, and relock the chest when you’re done. Thanks, WD) Lord Marcus Avlamin is our patron this run, having put up the dragon’s share of the cost for this expedition. Managed to talk him into airship transit for us from Sharn to Zarash’ak, where we can hook up with a House Tharashk resupply caravan to Blood Crescent, then it’s about two days of travel through the desert sort of nnw until we get to the site, which means that, all in all, it shouldn’t be too rough of a trip. During the party, however, Lord Half-Elf himself took us aside for a little ‘chat’. His viewpoint is that, being as he’s supplied the cash, he should get anything we find. Now, I’ve got no real moral objection to this, but it leads me to wonder if he’s mentioned this little tidbit to good professor Littleknight. If he hasn’t, this trip could get interesting. During this lovely little fete, when Aegan was shmoozing in his own particularly dry, clinical fashion with the other Minds (hah!) (err, not at you, Aegan, when Cin tells you about this, and you read it. Now, please make me not a newt anymore?) a couple of them mentioned that they were hoping that our find was Ashtakala, or at least would lead us to it. From what I can remember out of the ancient history courses, I’m certainly hoping that it isn’t. I’m good, but a Rashkasha is better. Also odd, while we were loading up onto this airship, I noticed that we had a shadow. I only caught a glimpse, but Cannith swears that he was wearing a Karannthian officers uniform, and the halfling swears that it was a zombie. I’m kicking myself because I noticed that it was a perfect hiding spot, with multiple exit corridors, but did I stake it out? No. Obviously, I’ve gotten soft. Also, I wish we’d had enough time to run it to ground. I know we’re all supposed to be getting along now, but zombies just creep me out, and I really want to know why Karnnath is interested in our expedition. But the Captain was already upset by the time it took to load Carriage’s Carriage (I slay myself), and I didn’t feel like delaying him any longer. All in all, a profitable trip back to Sharn, and if nothing else, it was nice to see baby sister Lilly again (when did she turn 16? She was 6 yesterday, I swear! And who bought her a bodice that low-cut? Dad’s gonna KILL someone when he finds out. Hopefully I’ll be on the other side of Khorvaire when it happens. Or maybe I’ll take a trip to Xen’drik. I hear the drow are nice…) even if her stupid dorm rules meant that her ‘sister’ visited, much to her amusement. (Note to self: Next time either remember a bodice, or less busty. Back is KILLING me today

Later on, 14 Eyre Stump just reminded me of something that I’d left out of the previous entry that occured at the party. This reminded me of something that I’d forgotten to mention to everyone else in our merry little band. So, seeing as how YOU’RE ALL READING MY PRIVATE JOURNAL, I figured the easiest method of diseminating this particular bit of info would be to write it in here. Now, first of all…who was it that gave Stump the damable thing to read? In particular, I blame the halfling. He probably did it as payback for when I caught him picking pockets at the party, and the thumping that I gave him. Now, really it was only because, upon catching him in the act, I scolded him. And then, he tried to lift my knife. That particular dagger was a gift from Mom on the occasion of receiving my commision in the Brelish Scouts, so I’m sorry about the particularly hard shot to the face. More importantly, however, Lord Avlamin has a dragonmark I’m nearly certain. He does a fabulous job of hiding it (helped by it’s location high up on his right arm) but I am, after all, a trained observer. Unfortunatly, he does do a good enough job keeping it hidden that I was unable to get a good enough look at it to identify it, or verify which House he really should be in. However, he wouldn’t go through that much trouble, so it’s probably one of the freak marks that we hear rumors of. That probably wouldn’t go over so well with his pals in the nobility, so I can understand why he hides it. Now that I’ve caught you all up with that, would you all do me a giant favor and please leave this thing alone? Or maybe I’ll just start writing in Auran. That’ll keep you guessing. —WdD

Sul 15 Eyre, 998YK I can also only spend so much time pretending to BE Cannith while searching for Carriage’s weapon that he’s hidden away before giving up and admitting defeat (about two hours). Hmm…maybe combining the two? That’s it! Pretend to be the dirty maker, seduce one of those half-elves away, and be absolutely horrible. And, shall we say, under-representative of size (at least, one hopes that it’ll be under-representing, for his sake!) that’ll at least keep me busy for an hour or so…plus five minutes for the act itself. Ta! —WdD

Right.  I'd forgotten how utterly boring airship travel is.  Sure, it's a modern marvel, cutting what would be a two month journey down to four days, but by the HOST is it boring.  Nothing to see but the giant ring of fire lighting up the deck at all hours of the night, and we're too high up to see anything good during the day.  Being as we're chartering this off to the Shadow Marshes, there aren't even any passengers aside from those on our little trip.  One can only spend so much time consipiring with the House Lysander chambermaids to make sure that Cannith has an explosive case of blueballs before gettting utterly bored with the idea.  It's about 12 hours, for the record.
Whistlyr's Journal Mol 17, 998Y

So, dear Journal, no shit, there I was, about to die. There’s this guy, Captain Gaponenko. He’s in charge of this group of the armija ne dykhanie. He’s a good sort, but his Louie looks like he’s right out of the vats, his sergeants are no fun at all, but Gappy’s a good sort. Even if he puts away that vile potato mash they drink up there in Karrnath. Dragon Above, there’s a reason that I make my home in Sharn, not the House seat. Up there, you can’t get good wine to save your life, it’s frozen for half the winter, and Siberys forbid anyone crack a smile. But, I digress. Anyhow, so Cannith and I are playing for silvers down in the bar, mostly just to keep from death by boredom. The sergeants are down, pouring down that rotgut, when I notice the halfling go drifting towards them. Crap, this isn’t going to go down well. So, First Shirt there happens to turn around at exactly the right time, smacks the boy in the face, realizes what happens.

Well, shit. So, he flips out, and goes crashing into the table that Cin and Stumpy are at. Stumpy manages to flip the table over onto the guy, pinning him down. Snap decision, Gaponenko won’t really mind much if I do this in order to keep his men from getting tossed overboard. So, slipped off the stage, drapped the cloak over me to cover the fact that I’m obviously not wearing a Karnnathi Army uniform, then Change into the Captain.

“Atten-HUT!” I bark out in my best parade ground imitation, betting on inebriation to deal with the cognative dissonance that he wasn’t there a second ago, and NCO’s are the ones who are supposed to be able to appear at will when their men are fucking up.

Well, the two snap to attention, just in time to…pass out? Man, they must have been drunker then I’d thought! Oh, no wait. There’s Aegon, reading something and sipping at that pansy ass tincture of ground up burnt beans he’s always got. Kaufy? Something like that.

So, the bouncer piles them up at my feet, and I mutter something about going to get the other officer to help me, sprint over to Gappy’s cabin, and explain everything (except for the whole Changing thing. And the halfling’s role in the whole thing. Leave that out, too. Alright, so I just tell him that his men got hammered and started a barfight that we cleaned up for him. It’s not really a lie.)

So, landing in Zarash’ak we disembark, and the Karnnathi go off on their mission, whatever the hell it was. (Man, Lev is a tightlipped sonnabitch. I found it easier to get info out of the Sharn Chapterhead of Emerald Claw. ‘course, that was pillow talk, but…meh. Anyhow, that’s in another country, and besides, the wench never existed in the first place)

Whistlyr's Journal; Dravago, Wir 18, 998Y

I’m so sick of this fucking camel. If I wasn’t sure that it would taste worse then it smells, even after trying to cook it, I’d wait until we got to wherever it is in this Syberis Blessed desert. Quick trip across the water to Blood Crescent, and then two weeks now on this fucking camel. My ass hurts in places that I didn’t know were on it, I’m breathing in so much ash that I’m pretty sure that what I cough up would make a good substitute for mortar, and the only reasonable conversationalist in the who expedition is going on about what a GREAT adventure this is. Sure, Dad. “Just get out of the city for a little bit. You know, until this blows over. I’m sure that Barron will be understanding, after all, you stood up for the family name. I just need to talk to him. And for Dragonssake, boy…keep the Gnome alive.”

Right, Dad. Not a problem, Dad. Of course, unlike you, I haven’t been trained as a bodyguard for my WHOLE LIFE or anything. Right, so just a little bit of making it up as I go, and…bleh.

Crap, that’s another windstorm kicking up this fucking ash, isn’t it? gotta go.

(Later on…) Well. Now I’m stuck in a tent with Aegon, that shifter bouncer we picked up from the ship, and the ASS OF THIS FUCKING CAMEL. Who, apparently, has gas. Lovely.

Anyhow, might as well get these thoughts down, we can’t move anywhere. So part of the stop in Blood Crescent was to hire on some unskilled labor. And, thankfully, despite the fact that Irieaga didn’t ask, I managed to talk my way onto the interview ‘committee’. (read: Me and Carriage). I say thankfully, because Carriage didn’t even notice the moles. I’m not sure who they’re reporting to, but at least now I can keep an eye on them. I’m working on a deal with Carriage to make sure that I get to read their incoming and outgoing letters before they do. Maybe I’ll make that a camp wide policy, it’ll depend on how much sleep I’m able to start getting. Speaking of which, I should try and do that now, if I can with this FUCKING CAMEL farting into this enclosed space.

Dec 5 09

Things have not been as peaceful as they might at first seem. Whistlyr has been keeping things low profile, but he did learn of a plot to attack The Professor. In an attempt to keep the camp safe, it was Whistlyr’s intention to attempt to hire protection from the local barbarians. Sure enough the Blood Crescent scouts reported Barbarians in the area. Stump, in his local scouting, had found an oasis and suggested that nomadic peoples might stop there if they knew about it. It was to this watering hole that Whistlyr, Stump, and Brun went in hopes of finding and hiring Barbarians.

Through careful negotiations Whistlyr managed to acquire the services of 10 of the tribesmen, including the shaman he had primarily spoken with. Payment would be in the form of weapons and supplies. During these talks the barbarians reported a group of unnatural humans approaching from the north.

One of the porters fell ill and Whistlyr had him removed from camp so as to prevent any spread. The Halfling took over ministrations for the camp and directed the hired barbarians to guard the west and south portions of the camp. With the camps location it was unlikely the attacking force would circle to the east, this would focus them in the north where The Acquisition Team could meet them. The plan was that during the attack, the Barbarians would come around from the west and flank the attackers.

Sure enough the approaching force turned out to be Karrnathi. They attacked from the north as expected. Things never seem to go as planned however, the Team proved alone to be more than enough to hold off the attack, and the Barbarians might not be needed. When the time approached for the Barbarians to arrive, the team started listening for the war cries that would precede them. Sure enough shouts were heard, but not from the west as expected, instead they were coming from the Camp.

Finishing off the attacking force as quickly as they could the team then booked it to the camp only to find that the Barbarians had free reign and used it efficiently. The camp was sacked in every sense of the word. Most of the Porters survived, but not all are accounted for. The team found the Professor in her trailer, she was in bad shape but she would survive. The trailer itself had been sacked, papers flung everywhere. A good deal of supplies were missing, but also the Book they found within the Temple.

Feb 20 2010

Having survived the attacks from the previous session, the Team took stock on what they were left. Whistlyr had been discovered by the barbarian “guards” and like Prof Littleknight was in bad shape, in fact he was in worse shape and needed care that they could not provide at the time. The porter that he was caring for was nowhere to be seen. The Barbarians took as much in the way of supplies as they could manage in addition to the book they had found in the Temple that Aegon had been attempting to copy.

There was a great deal of desire to head out after the barbarians and try to retrieve the book that was taken. However between the injured and dying, the lack of supplies, and low moral on the part of the porters, it was not deemed the best idea. The clincher came the next day when a sand storm (ash storm?) blew over and effectively erased the barbarians tracks.

Another problem was presented however, the Karrnathi attack was revealed to be specifically a failed attack on the Professor. Aegon admitted that he had been blackmailed by members of the Emerald Claw, and that he had been reporting on the whereabouts of Irieaga since before the team left Sharn. In exchange for the information he provided, the Emerald Claw had promised not to harm his wife and child.

The group decided with no other better route to take, it would be prudent to travel to Karrnath and try to rescue Aegon’s wife and child. Travel took time, during which the scholars of the group worked furiously to attempt to translate the book, now revealed to be the journal of an eons dead Druid. Translation will take time, the hopes being that if the journal were so important to steal, translating the copy might reveal why it was taken, where it might lead, and hopefully a way to get the original back.

The trip itself was not uneventful however. Carriage returned with a tail of how some barbarians had attacked him as he was heading toward Blood Crescent to resupply. Initially he had thought he’d outrun the attackers. However as the group inspected the many cubbyholes to be found in his carriage, they discovered not all was as it should be. The skeleton that had been found in the topmost chamber of the temple had been placed within an Urn and was later hidden within the carriage. This Urn was not to be found, and the hidden door of the cubby was open.

As they retraced the path toward Blood Crescent, reluctantly leaving behind the site, the barbarians, and the journal. Carriage pointed out the place where he had been attacked. Scouts fanned out at that point and returned with word of a small campsite not too far away, they mentioned that it might be prudent to investigate. The party found that the camp had been waylaid.

Zarash’ak had provided the most convenient passage to The Demon Wastes, and would provide the most convenient travel hub back out. While there the party checked their accounts and found payment for the last months work and the artifacts they had recovered. Time was given to spend their paychecks while they waited for the airship to take them away.

Given much to think about the party traveled to Karrnath, where they made their way to Lakeside. They approached under the auspice of armed escort for a local merchant delivering goods for the mine. After delivering their load they made their way to a local tavern. Aegon informed them where his house was and where his wife should be found assuming she had not been taken. Brun was sent out as the spymaster to locate the wife and establish if she was under watch and how much resistance they might find.

All this Brun did find, he relieved one watcher of their duty and didn’t find any others. Once the wife’s safety was confirmed, the party ran a snatch and grab successfully removing Aegon’s wife and child from town. It did not go unnoticed however, the party was stopped outside of town by a group of what appeared to be Karrnathi soldiers. A scuffle ensued, during which it was confirmed that the soldiers were actually Emerald Claw.

March 6, 2010

The last session left off with our Heros having recently rescued Aegons wife and child. Outside town they were accosted, unsuccessfully, and were able to leave Lakeside without further incident.

The Hero’s picked up this session entering Irontown where they would board the Lightning Rail. Thanks to Brun keeping a sharp eye, they were not surprised by a second attempt on their well being.

Aegon and Cin used the travel time to continue to translate the Journal.

The Team traveled West and South to Vulyar and from there took an Airship to Sharn where they hoped to accomplish two things. Firstly The Professor guarded by Stump met with Lord Avlamin to appraise him of the situation. Secondly Cin met with her step father in hopes that he could be trusted to take in Aegon’s wife and child until further notice.

The team would not be allowed to rest, they made their way back to Zarash’ak hoping to investigate claims of undead activity. Since this is no longer in the realm of academic discovery, Prof. Littleknight returned to the Library of Korranberg where she might browse its many volumes for any hint of confirmation of what the Journal says. The travel time gave Aegon and Cin more time to translate the Journal.

Knowledge gleaned from the journal has left the party interested in what the Druids might know, after their investigations at Zarash’ak, the team made their way to Greenheart in The Eldeen Reaches.

March 27, 2010
The Ritual

Cin completed translating the first ritual that would allow the party to know where the first part of the prison could be found.

The party spent time acquiring rare and valuable components for Cin’s Ritual.

Cin casts the Ritual and learns about the first prison piece.

The party finally made their way to Sharn where they would prepare for a trip to Xen’Drik.

April 10, 2010
The Voyage of the Golden Dragon

Over the last many sessions my PC’s have traveled from Sharn to Thrash’ak, to the Demon Wastes and back, to Karrnath, to Sharn, to Thrash’ak, to Greenheart, and finally back to Sharn. Its been a lot of travel, to the great expense of Lord Avlamin, and all of it within a very short amount of play time. Granted within game months have passed due to the amount of travel involved and the expedition in the Demon Wastes, but I’ve still felt like I’ve done the players and their characters a disservice for having simplified it all and brushed aside the travel with a few rolls and the reveal of what The Journal has to say.

So, given that my characters are now traveling from Khorvaire to Xen’Drik the least I could do was try and slow down the travel thats taking place. I asked if the players would be willing to run a published adventure that I had lying around called The Voyage of the Golden Dragon. Its a four part campaign that takes part on a journey to Xen’Drik and back and I felt we could easily use that to pass time, to give the world depth, and to make the voyage seem long while at the same time not boring my players.

This last session was the first of the four parts, the launching celebration of the Golden Dragon. Being a published adventure, I won’t say much about it, however the first part covered the launch party in Sharn and my players haven’t left yet.

April 24, 2010
Aboard the Golden Dragon

This last weekend we continued the published adventure, The Voyage of the Golden Dragon. As before I won’t say much about this published adventure. However, as an aside I asked the group if they would like to do something different, keeping with my thoughts of trying to give the travel a feel for time. Brun admitted to having a deck of Three Dragon Ante and I offered to teach the others craps. The players were receptive to the idea, so Brun pulled out his deck and we all learned to play Three Dragon Ante.

We played a full round to clear the pot for everyone to get used to the game, then starting the next game I allowed the players to use their characters gold and actually bet on the game if they so choose. We had variant requests for how high the stakes should be, and in an effort to keep it all together and everyone happy I suggested that for each person they keep the markers to their own stakes. For instance Aegon didn’t want to play high stakes, so the markers were in divisions of 1’s. Brun on the other hand wanted high stakes so the markers for him were in divisions of 100’s. Despite playing at the same table, the markers were bet against each other by marker. The players would win or lose money based upon the divisions they agreed to on their markers. So if Brun lost two markers to Aegon, Aegon would gain two gold while Brun was out two hundred. This way they could play at separate tables in game, and we could all play together.

We played a couple of rounds like this, the first was just the game agian. In the second Brun started rolling skills against my own rolls on behalf of the proprietor so that he could cheat. Luckily for him, and a few action points spent, he succeeded and walked away with a substantial amount of gold.


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