The Traitorous Journal

September 11, 2010

While on the road to Krona Peak the Druid noticed that when Stalker (the ranger) left the confines of Carriage’s Carriage, a scry point appeared. It took a moment to figure out who and what the scry point actually appeared for, but eventually they learned that Stalker wore an amulet that seemed to be tied to a scry spell. This amulet had been given to Stalker while they were in the demon wastes by a mysterious benefactor. On the back of this amulet they noticed what looked like a symbol.

With recognition of this symbol, Stalker explored Krona Peak looking for the same symbol. To increase his chances of finding something he wore the amulet backwards showing the symbol off.

This lead to a meeting with a representative of a shadow organization who offers Stalker a job.

August 28, 2010

Returning to dock, the party receives pay as crew and quickly takes their leave. While still in town they do some research and spend their money. During this time they find that they are being watched. Later they identify their watchers as the party that had attacked them in Xen’Drik. Now wanting to be ambushed, the party attacks their watchers preemptively.

In an attempt to disguise the nature of the fight, the party makes it appear as though the slain watchers were attacked on the road leading back to Mror Holds.

August 14, 2010

Having made their way to the Lhazaar Principalities, the party sought out passage on a ship with which they might be able to hunt down this pirate captain. They were able to find a ship that was specifically hiring a crew for which to hunt down said pirate ship.

Pirate battle on the high seas, the party takes down the pirate captain, and Brun quickly claims the blade hiding it from the rest of the crew. As soon as they are able the party places the blade in a dimensional bag separate from the wrapping they already had.

July 31, 2010

The party made their way to The Mror Holds and hunted down a Beholder in the Goradra Gap, the party was now ready to cast the next location spell. In the casting it was learned that the blade would be found held by a pirate captain currently sailing near the Lhazaar Principalities.

As expected from the previous casting, Cin was rendered unconscious as her mental facilities were forced to work through the amount of information that was rendered from the spell. The party waited for her to regain consciousness hoping to avoid entanglements, knowing they had a price on their heads. It would do no good however as a group of hunters surrounded and attacked them. Brun and Edain did what they could to lead away the majority of attackers and their hounds.

Cin woke during the attack, despite some disorientation she was able to join the battle and fight off the attackers. Two captives were took, however later they would escape/force Brun to kill them. With Cin awake the party learned of the Blade and its location. They are now making their way to the Lhazaar Principalities, watchful of who might be following them.

July 17th 2010

During their trip home, Aegon and Sin were able to study the journal in their attempts to decipher the second location spell. Having regained the original journal, it also allowed them time to study the book itself.

Arriving in Sharn, the group was met by various diplomats and representatives. These representatives offered their thanks for deeds achieved while aboard the Golden Dragon. This bit leads back to the published adventure we ran in transit. It did however give me a chance to throw a party in the characters honor.

Having translated the second spell, and spent their hard earned reward, the party was now ready to set out seeking components necessary for the ritual. In this one, they would need the central eye of a beholder.

Hitting the underground, Brun and Cin sought out rumors of beholders that might be found. Rumors indicated that the best places to look would be the Demon Wastes, or in the mountains in The Mror Holds. Determining the The Mror Holds to be closer, the party set out.

June 19th, 2010

Picking up from where we left off, the team had only just defeated another party of adventurers and were currently standing over their “camp site” within the ruins of an ancient Ziggurat.

Having only accounted for three of the four bedrolls, the team sent their scouts ahead to explore the ruins. The bowl of the valley would hide an ancient volcano, upon which this temple was built. The Ziggurat itself was constructed around a rather large steam vent. Following a flight of stairs down, the scouts would find a partially open door that opened into a large smithy surrounding a pool of magma. Inspection of the door would reveal that the lock was recently picked.

Within the smithy, and across the lava pool, the team spotted what appeared to be a sleeping fire giant. Oddly this fire giant seemed to wear rags and loosely held a leg of dinosaur in one arm as it dangled over the armrest of a massive throne. The corpse of a freshly killed T-Rex was found near the pool of magma, slowly cooking due to the heat.

Search checks failed to spot anyone else in the room. Cin’s compass to the arm band would leave the party to believe that it rested within the belly of the giant, the only course seemed to be to kill the giant. Gathering the party up, including one heavily armored warforged, was worrisome, but then the giant was snoring loudly enough that he apparently couldn’t hear anything else. Using gasious form, the party crept yet closer to the giant hoping to avoid any unnecessary violence.

Before they could act however, three tunderstones hit the floor around the party. Everyone made their saving throws to avoid being stunned, but that wasn’t the point. Looking back at the fire giant they knew he was awake. [[Combat would ensue.]]

With the Fire Giant dead, Brun set off in search of the hidden assailant that threw the thunderstones. Despite his care he found no trace that anyone else was in the room or elsewhere. The others quickly removed the arm band from the giants gut, to the great relief of Cin who had spent a month with an itch in her brain telling here were it was. Once she set hands upon the handle, that itch finally went away.

With a hostile and hidden enemy still within the ruins, and two others who had fled, the party decides that setting out into the wilderness might be the safer course of action.

Encounters are unavoidable.

Upon reaching Stormreach, the party would check in at the air docks to see if the Golden Dragon has yet returned and/or left. Others would turn to the local constabulary to report the actions of one Halas Martain, only to find that he is currently locked up on a variety of charges from a variety of sources. The party learned that the Golden Dragon was expected to return by tomorrow, and would set out a day later, but that if they wanted to include charges of their own against Halas his trial was not for 3 days time.

With some diplomacy the A-Team convinced the captain of the Golden Dragon to remain one day longer so that they could present evidence and testimony against Halas that would also publicly and legally clear up any misunderstandings between Karrnath and Aundair. (in reference to the events within the published adventure we ran as a part of their travels to Xen’Drik).

This would conclude our adventures for the day, the party has agreed to finish up the published adventure as a part of their return trip to Sharn from Stormreach.

June 5, 2010
Back on track

Having finished two of the published adventures found in The Voyage of the Golden Dragon the third adventure had the team hired to accompany an older adventurer into the continent of Xen’Drik. Soanso approached the party to make his offer, explaining that since they were new here he could share with them some of his expertize and help them to get a lay of the land. The party agreed still having only a compass direction to the object via Cin. This leads into the 3rd of the published adventures, but it gave me a chance to allow Cin a recognition of where the handle is actually located given a certain amount of triangulation. Being this much closer to the handle, as Cin’s location changes so does her sense of direction to the handle.

Now, in running the published adventure, I didn’t have to change much, just enough so that The A-Team gets left behind out in the middle of nowhere and is forced to travel from there in the direction that Cin points. Having recently picked up the druid Gen to add to the parties wilderness survival as provided by the ranger.

The party would not reach the handle unmolested.

However, as they approach the location indicated by Cin they find the site of an abandoned temple, this one located within a mountainous bowl and hidden by the overgrowth of forest. As they approach the site they are attacked by a shifter scout who ambushes from hiding in the foliage. Gen and the ranger give chase only to be led directly to the ruins of the abandoned temple. This temple being a true Ziggurat let it not be confused with the Polyovalith the team originally excavated.

Another encounter would be had

April 24, 2010
Aboard the Golden Dragon

This last weekend we continued the published adventure, The Voyage of the Golden Dragon. As before I won’t say much about this published adventure. However, as an aside I asked the group if they would like to do something different, keeping with my thoughts of trying to give the travel a feel for time. Brun admitted to having a deck of Three Dragon Ante and I offered to teach the others craps. The players were receptive to the idea, so Brun pulled out his deck and we all learned to play Three Dragon Ante.

We played a full round to clear the pot for everyone to get used to the game, then starting the next game I allowed the players to use their characters gold and actually bet on the game if they so choose. We had variant requests for how high the stakes should be, and in an effort to keep it all together and everyone happy I suggested that for each person they keep the markers to their own stakes. For instance Aegon didn’t want to play high stakes, so the markers were in divisions of 1’s. Brun on the other hand wanted high stakes so the markers for him were in divisions of 100’s. Despite playing at the same table, the markers were bet against each other by marker. The players would win or lose money based upon the divisions they agreed to on their markers. So if Brun lost two markers to Aegon, Aegon would gain two gold while Brun was out two hundred. This way they could play at separate tables in game, and we could all play together.

We played a couple of rounds like this, the first was just the game agian. In the second Brun started rolling skills against my own rolls on behalf of the proprietor so that he could cheat. Luckily for him, and a few action points spent, he succeeded and walked away with a substantial amount of gold.

April 10, 2010
The Voyage of the Golden Dragon

Over the last many sessions my PC’s have traveled from Sharn to Thrash’ak, to the Demon Wastes and back, to Karrnath, to Sharn, to Thrash’ak, to Greenheart, and finally back to Sharn. Its been a lot of travel, to the great expense of Lord Avlamin, and all of it within a very short amount of play time. Granted within game months have passed due to the amount of travel involved and the expedition in the Demon Wastes, but I’ve still felt like I’ve done the players and their characters a disservice for having simplified it all and brushed aside the travel with a few rolls and the reveal of what The Journal has to say.

So, given that my characters are now traveling from Khorvaire to Xen’Drik the least I could do was try and slow down the travel thats taking place. I asked if the players would be willing to run a published adventure that I had lying around called The Voyage of the Golden Dragon. Its a four part campaign that takes part on a journey to Xen’Drik and back and I felt we could easily use that to pass time, to give the world depth, and to make the voyage seem long while at the same time not boring my players.

This last session was the first of the four parts, the launching celebration of the Golden Dragon. Being a published adventure, I won’t say much about it, however the first part covered the launch party in Sharn and my players haven’t left yet.

March 27, 2010
The Ritual

Cin completed translating the first ritual that would allow the party to know where the first part of the prison could be found.

The party spent time acquiring rare and valuable components for Cin’s Ritual.

Cin casts the Ritual and learns about the first prison piece.

The party finally made their way to Sharn where they would prepare for a trip to Xen’Drik.


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