The Traitorous Journal

September 11, 2010

While on the road to Krona Peak the Druid noticed that when Stalker (the ranger) left the confines of Carriage’s Carriage, a scry point appeared. It took a moment to figure out who and what the scry point actually appeared for, but eventually they learned that Stalker wore an amulet that seemed to be tied to a scry spell. This amulet had been given to Stalker while they were in the demon wastes by a mysterious benefactor. On the back of this amulet they noticed what looked like a symbol.

With recognition of this symbol, Stalker explored Krona Peak looking for the same symbol. To increase his chances of finding something he wore the amulet backwards showing the symbol off.

This lead to a meeting with a representative of a shadow organization who offers Stalker a job.


leopardeternal leopardeternal

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