The Traitorous Journal

March 6, 2010


The last session left off with our Heros having recently rescued Aegons wife and child. Outside town they were accosted, unsuccessfully, and were able to leave Lakeside without further incident.

The Hero’s picked up this session entering Irontown where they would board the Lightning Rail. Thanks to Brun keeping a sharp eye, they were not surprised by a second attempt on their well being.

Aegon and Cin used the travel time to continue to translate the Journal.

The Team traveled West and South to Vulyar and from there took an Airship to Sharn where they hoped to accomplish two things. Firstly The Professor guarded by Stump met with Lord Avlamin to appraise him of the situation. Secondly Cin met with her step father in hopes that he could be trusted to take in Aegon’s wife and child until further notice.

The team would not be allowed to rest, they made their way back to Zarash’ak hoping to investigate claims of undead activity. Since this is no longer in the realm of academic discovery, Prof. Littleknight returned to the Library of Korranberg where she might browse its many volumes for any hint of confirmation of what the Journal says. The travel time gave Aegon and Cin more time to translate the Journal.

Knowledge gleaned from the journal has left the party interested in what the Druids might know, after their investigations at Zarash’ak, the team made their way to Greenheart in The Eldeen Reaches.


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