The Traitorous Journal

June 5, 2010

Back on track

Having finished two of the published adventures found in The Voyage of the Golden Dragon the third adventure had the team hired to accompany an older adventurer into the continent of Xen’Drik. Soanso approached the party to make his offer, explaining that since they were new here he could share with them some of his expertize and help them to get a lay of the land. The party agreed still having only a compass direction to the object via Cin. This leads into the 3rd of the published adventures, but it gave me a chance to allow Cin a recognition of where the handle is actually located given a certain amount of triangulation. Being this much closer to the handle, as Cin’s location changes so does her sense of direction to the handle.

Now, in running the published adventure, I didn’t have to change much, just enough so that The A-Team gets left behind out in the middle of nowhere and is forced to travel from there in the direction that Cin points. Having recently picked up the druid Gen to add to the parties wilderness survival as provided by the ranger.

The party would not reach the handle unmolested.

However, as they approach the location indicated by Cin they find the site of an abandoned temple, this one located within a mountainous bowl and hidden by the overgrowth of forest. As they approach the site they are attacked by a shifter scout who ambushes from hiding in the foliage. Gen and the ranger give chase only to be led directly to the ruins of the abandoned temple. This temple being a true Ziggurat let it not be confused with the Polyovalith the team originally excavated.

Another encounter would be had


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