The Traitorous Journal

June 19th, 2010

Picking up from where we left off, the team had only just defeated another party of adventurers and were currently standing over their “camp site” within the ruins of an ancient Ziggurat.

Having only accounted for three of the four bedrolls, the team sent their scouts ahead to explore the ruins. The bowl of the valley would hide an ancient volcano, upon which this temple was built. The Ziggurat itself was constructed around a rather large steam vent. Following a flight of stairs down, the scouts would find a partially open door that opened into a large smithy surrounding a pool of magma. Inspection of the door would reveal that the lock was recently picked.

Within the smithy, and across the lava pool, the team spotted what appeared to be a sleeping fire giant. Oddly this fire giant seemed to wear rags and loosely held a leg of dinosaur in one arm as it dangled over the armrest of a massive throne. The corpse of a freshly killed T-Rex was found near the pool of magma, slowly cooking due to the heat.

Search checks failed to spot anyone else in the room. Cin’s compass to the arm band would leave the party to believe that it rested within the belly of the giant, the only course seemed to be to kill the giant. Gathering the party up, including one heavily armored warforged, was worrisome, but then the giant was snoring loudly enough that he apparently couldn’t hear anything else. Using gasious form, the party crept yet closer to the giant hoping to avoid any unnecessary violence.

Before they could act however, three tunderstones hit the floor around the party. Everyone made their saving throws to avoid being stunned, but that wasn’t the point. Looking back at the fire giant they knew he was awake. [[Combat would ensue.]]

With the Fire Giant dead, Brun set off in search of the hidden assailant that threw the thunderstones. Despite his care he found no trace that anyone else was in the room or elsewhere. The others quickly removed the arm band from the giants gut, to the great relief of Cin who had spent a month with an itch in her brain telling here were it was. Once she set hands upon the handle, that itch finally went away.

With a hostile and hidden enemy still within the ruins, and two others who had fled, the party decides that setting out into the wilderness might be the safer course of action.

Encounters are unavoidable.

Upon reaching Stormreach, the party would check in at the air docks to see if the Golden Dragon has yet returned and/or left. Others would turn to the local constabulary to report the actions of one Halas Martain, only to find that he is currently locked up on a variety of charges from a variety of sources. The party learned that the Golden Dragon was expected to return by tomorrow, and would set out a day later, but that if they wanted to include charges of their own against Halas his trial was not for 3 days time.

With some diplomacy the A-Team convinced the captain of the Golden Dragon to remain one day longer so that they could present evidence and testimony against Halas that would also publicly and legally clear up any misunderstandings between Karrnath and Aundair. (in reference to the events within the published adventure we ran as a part of their travels to Xen’Drik).

This would conclude our adventures for the day, the party has agreed to finish up the published adventure as a part of their return trip to Sharn from Stormreach.


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