The Traitorous Journal

Feb 20 2010

Having survived the attacks from the previous session, the Team took stock on what they were left. Whistlyr had been discovered by the barbarian “guards” and like Prof Littleknight was in bad shape, in fact he was in worse shape and needed care that they could not provide at the time. The porter that he was caring for was nowhere to be seen. The Barbarians took as much in the way of supplies as they could manage in addition to the book they had found in the Temple that Aegon had been attempting to copy.

There was a great deal of desire to head out after the barbarians and try to retrieve the book that was taken. However between the injured and dying, the lack of supplies, and low moral on the part of the porters, it was not deemed the best idea. The clincher came the next day when a sand storm (ash storm?) blew over and effectively erased the barbarians tracks.

Another problem was presented however, the Karrnathi attack was revealed to be specifically a failed attack on the Professor. Aegon admitted that he had been blackmailed by members of the Emerald Claw, and that he had been reporting on the whereabouts of Irieaga since before the team left Sharn. In exchange for the information he provided, the Emerald Claw had promised not to harm his wife and child.

The group decided with no other better route to take, it would be prudent to travel to Karrnath and try to rescue Aegon’s wife and child. Travel took time, during which the scholars of the group worked furiously to attempt to translate the book, now revealed to be the journal of an eons dead Druid. Translation will take time, the hopes being that if the journal were so important to steal, translating the copy might reveal why it was taken, where it might lead, and hopefully a way to get the original back.

The trip itself was not uneventful however. Carriage returned with a tail of how some barbarians had attacked him as he was heading toward Blood Crescent to resupply. Initially he had thought he’d outrun the attackers. However as the group inspected the many cubbyholes to be found in his carriage, they discovered not all was as it should be. The skeleton that had been found in the topmost chamber of the temple had been placed within an Urn and was later hidden within the carriage. This Urn was not to be found, and the hidden door of the cubby was open.

As they retraced the path toward Blood Crescent, reluctantly leaving behind the site, the barbarians, and the journal. Carriage pointed out the place where he had been attacked. Scouts fanned out at that point and returned with word of a small campsite not too far away, they mentioned that it might be prudent to investigate. The party found that the camp had been waylaid.

Zarash’ak had provided the most convenient passage to The Demon Wastes, and would provide the most convenient travel hub back out. While there the party checked their accounts and found payment for the last months work and the artifacts they had recovered. Time was given to spend their paychecks while they waited for the airship to take them away.

Given much to think about the party traveled to Karrnath, where they made their way to Lakeside. They approached under the auspice of armed escort for a local merchant delivering goods for the mine. After delivering their load they made their way to a local tavern. Aegon informed them where his house was and where his wife should be found assuming she had not been taken. Brun was sent out as the spymaster to locate the wife and establish if she was under watch and how much resistance they might find.

All this Brun did find, he relieved one watcher of their duty and didn’t find any others. Once the wife’s safety was confirmed, the party ran a snatch and grab successfully removing Aegon’s wife and child from town. It did not go unnoticed however, the party was stopped outside of town by a group of what appeared to be Karrnathi soldiers. A scuffle ensued, during which it was confirmed that the soldiers were actually Emerald Claw.


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