The Traitorous Journal

April 24, 2010

Aboard the Golden Dragon

This last weekend we continued the published adventure, The Voyage of the Golden Dragon. As before I won’t say much about this published adventure. However, as an aside I asked the group if they would like to do something different, keeping with my thoughts of trying to give the travel a feel for time. Brun admitted to having a deck of Three Dragon Ante and I offered to teach the others craps. The players were receptive to the idea, so Brun pulled out his deck and we all learned to play Three Dragon Ante.

We played a full round to clear the pot for everyone to get used to the game, then starting the next game I allowed the players to use their characters gold and actually bet on the game if they so choose. We had variant requests for how high the stakes should be, and in an effort to keep it all together and everyone happy I suggested that for each person they keep the markers to their own stakes. For instance Aegon didn’t want to play high stakes, so the markers were in divisions of 1’s. Brun on the other hand wanted high stakes so the markers for him were in divisions of 100’s. Despite playing at the same table, the markers were bet against each other by marker. The players would win or lose money based upon the divisions they agreed to on their markers. So if Brun lost two markers to Aegon, Aegon would gain two gold while Brun was out two hundred. This way they could play at separate tables in game, and we could all play together.

We played a couple of rounds like this, the first was just the game agian. In the second Brun started rolling skills against my own rolls on behalf of the proprietor so that he could cheat. Luckily for him, and a few action points spent, he succeeded and walked away with a substantial amount of gold.


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