The Traitorous Journal

April 10, 2010

The Voyage of the Golden Dragon

Over the last many sessions my PC’s have traveled from Sharn to Thrash’ak, to the Demon Wastes and back, to Karrnath, to Sharn, to Thrash’ak, to Greenheart, and finally back to Sharn. Its been a lot of travel, to the great expense of Lord Avlamin, and all of it within a very short amount of play time. Granted within game months have passed due to the amount of travel involved and the expedition in the Demon Wastes, but I’ve still felt like I’ve done the players and their characters a disservice for having simplified it all and brushed aside the travel with a few rolls and the reveal of what The Journal has to say.

So, given that my characters are now traveling from Khorvaire to Xen’Drik the least I could do was try and slow down the travel thats taking place. I asked if the players would be willing to run a published adventure that I had lying around called The Voyage of the Golden Dragon. Its a four part campaign that takes part on a journey to Xen’Drik and back and I felt we could easily use that to pass time, to give the world depth, and to make the voyage seem long while at the same time not boring my players.

This last session was the first of the four parts, the launching celebration of the Golden Dragon. Being a published adventure, I won’t say much about it, however the first part covered the launch party in Sharn and my players haven’t left yet.


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